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House Rules


Remove Shoes

Please remove your shoes before entering the studio to help keep your environment clean. There is a rubber mat to put your shoes just to the right of the door inside. Thanks!



Quiet Hours:

Please be respectful of neighbors as this is fairly quiet neighborhood

10 pm to 8 am


Washing Dishes:

Please put dirty dishes outside your door in a bin marked “dirty dishes.” If you need them washed during your stay place them near the house sliding door downstairs. Otherwise there is dawn dish soap under neath the bathroom sink. There are clean rags in the closet to the left for washing dishes as well.



Towels and Linens:

Place dirty towels in hamper to be washed. If you need clean towels place the dirty towel bin with dirty towels by the house sliding door so we know to wash them. Typically we do not wash towels or sheets until you leave.  Please let us know if you need extra towels.



Homemade muffins/pastries.

There is a basket in your room/refrigerator with home made muffins.  


Hot Tub:

Shower before entering

Lift hot tub lid over the middle bar.

Then lift it up again over the side.

Use White Towels and plastic cups.

No eating while in the hot tub.

No sex in the hot tub.

Please do not pee or eliminate in the hot tub.

To enter the hot tub lift the cover over the bar. Then lift the middle section up and over the hot tub. The bar is there to make it easier to open the hot tub cover.

When you are finished using the hot tub. Please put a 1/2 cap of shock, which is in the white bottle with an oragnge lid, Into the water. Turn on both jets. Make sure the jets on the top row of the lounger are turned down so water is not sprayed outside the tub.  The jets will shut off automatically. Then close the lid. Thank you.




Use of Gas Grill

Pull the barbecue away from the shade screen so that it does not melt the shade.

Remove the cover. Then lift the barbecue lid before you light the grill.


Turn propane tank, which is located in the barbecue cabinent behind the doors, on by turning the knob to the left or counter clockwise. Once the propane is on, turn on the burners to HIGH where the lightning bolt symbol is.  This is the lighting position.  Then push the ignition button to the left that also has a lightning bolt symbol to light the burners you want to use. 


Use the grill brush to clean the grill once you are finished. Leave the grill cover off until it cools.

Make sure you turn off the burners and the propane when you are finished.



Fire Pit

Remove the tarp to use the pit. Look for the hole on the side of the fire pit that is a handle to remove the panel housing the propane tank. Then turn on the propane at the tank. To light the fire pit go to the panel with the knobs.  Turn the knob to the left to light and hold while you hit the ignite button. Keep holding the button in for a few seconds then release. Then turn the knob to the desired burn level. When you are done please turn off the unit and then shut off the propane. If the fire pit is too warm do not cover the fire pit until it is cool. Thank you.




Smoking Cannabis outside the room with room door close is permitted. We want to keep the room scent free for our next guest.  Cigar smoking is allowed on the downstairs back patio. Please no cigarette smoking.Thanks so much.

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