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Room features:


Continental Breakfast/Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate and water dispenser


Keyless Entry

Our property has a keyless entry system.  We use the last for digits of your phone number that you booked with.  This applies to the back gate and your room.  To enter the property push the Schlage button.  The keypad will light up for nighttime use.  Then put in the last 4 digits of your number and the gate or door lock will unlock.  Please be sure to close and lock the gate behind you as you enter or leave the property.  When you leave the property, you'll need to line up the lock bolt with the hole and then press the "Schlage" button to lock it.  If you mess up the alignment, simply retract the bolt by using the knob on the other side of the lock and try again.  If you can't get the alignment to work just leave it alone and close the gate and we'll lock it for you.  The upstairs lock will lock automatically after 30 seconds.



Secure Safe

To set the safe enter 2072#. Open the safe door by turning the dial clock wise. To set a new code look for the red arrow on the back of the safe door. Press the reset button. You have 20 seconds to enter a 4 digit code than close the safe. Lock it by turning the dial counter clockwise. When you check out please leave the safe door open.

see video @



Air conditioner/Heater

A Fujitsu mini split is in the ceiling.  Please watch the instruction video (QR code is below the TV on the wall) to set the temperature.  Make sure the fan is set to AUTO mode.  If you see bars in the display then keep pressing the Fan button to set it to AUTO mode.





Internet Net Work: Casa De Wow       

Internet Passcode: BeOurGuest




TV Streaming

First, use the VIZIO TV remote to turn on the TV.  The power button is the top left button.

Then use the APPLE TV remote to activate Apple TV by pressing the MENU button.  This may take a few seconds for the Apple TV icons to appear.

Find the streaming service (i.e., Netflix) you want to watch and log into your account.  Make sure you log out of your account before you leave.

See the instructional video link that was sent to you or you can use the QR code provided for you that is hanging on the wall below the TV.



Apple Home pod speakers are on each side of the bed and can be used to stream music.

You can do this by saying, "Hey Siri, play classical music"

You can increase and decrease the volume by saying, "Hey Siri, turn up or down the music."


Ceiling Light and Light Strips

The ceiling fan and lights are controlled by the remote.  Make sure the switched marked "Ceiling Light/Fan" is in the ON position first.  Then you can press the light button to turn it on if it's not already turned on.  See "Ceiling Fan/Light" section below for more.


The Casita also has Light Strips installed on each side of the bed.  It is controlled by the remote marked "Light Strips".  The top button turns the Light Strips on and off.  If the lights don't turn on right away, keep pressing the top button until they light or press the HUE button on the bottom of the remote.  It is a WIFI dependent system and can be a little slow at times.

The middle button controls the brightness of the Light Strips.

The bottom button controls different colors you use for whatever mood you are looking for.  Feel free to play with the remote to become familiar with its features.


You can also use Sir commands to turn on the Light Strips.  Simply say, "Hey Siri, turn on the Light Strips."  You can also say, "Hey Siri, set the lights to 100% or the desired illumination.  You can also say, "Hey Siri, set the Light Strips to Orange or blue, etc."

NOTE:  it is important to use "LIGHT STRIPS" in the command to turn them on.



Ceiling Fan / Light

Make sure the wall switch is set to ON.

Use the remote to control the light and the fan.

The top row of buttons controls the fan.  Simply press the left down arrow button to start the fan.  The speed level is indicated by the green lights at the top of the remote.

The Light button is the 2nd set of buttons.  The left button controls the illumination level and the changes are subtle, so just keep pressing the left button until you get the desired level of light you want.  The right button controls the illumination color.  You can also set a timer for the lights and fan using the bottom buttons.




Please do not put any metal in the microwave

Dishes are microwave safe.


Hot Tub


Upstairs private sun deck.

Shared space gardens, sun deck, hot tub and fire pit.

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